Blessed are Women

Blessed are Women

In these final days of Women’s Month, March 2021, this poem reminds me why every month should be women’s month!

Blessed are Women

by Anjuli Nunn

The cleft of my bosom
Is showing signs
Of wear and tear
From the years of abuse
I endured.
I had excuses to not leave,
Believed that I loved him,
Mistakenly gave to him
My all.
But my calling
Was far greater
Than I could have known.

The cleft of my bosom
Wants you to know
That she is proud to show
Her deep brown, crimson skin,
Glowing in the aftermath
Of healing,
In harmony with herself
At last.

I am aghast
At all of the crimes
Committed against women,
In this very city.
Covid-19 quarantines
In with the abusers,
The users of women;
There is no excuse
For rape.
Draping veils
Along fine lines
Of broken masculinity
Does not cut it for me.
There is no excuse
For abuse, and bruises
And broken bones.

But I am past that now.
I bow to the warrior women
Who have been through it too.
Who knew
There were so many of us,
Soaring admit the dust
Of the unforgotten years,
The forsaken years,
The better years.

Bow your head
To the women in your life,
For they have shed
Too many tears.
Toxic masculinity
Is being sanctioned
So let’s anchor our femininity
And not to the exclusivity
Of others.

All are welcome
To worship women
Of history,
Of colour,
In honour of this day
Of giving,
For every day should be
A day of giving.
Give thanks to the one
Who birthed you
Into this blessed earth
And kiss the ground
Which we stand on.

© Anjuli Nunn 2021

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