Comfort in the Time of COVID-19

Comfort in the Time of COVID-19

Dear Pongo Community,

How do we find comfort and community when the world is filled with unknown risk, and further challenged by social distancing? One way is to share our difficult experiences and complicated feelings with one another, to express ourselves and to listen to others. Pongo would like to support that process. You are invited to send us your stories and poems by emailing . We will write back to you privately, and, with your permission, we can possibly share these words with others.

I know that there are important stories happening right now. These stories need to heard. Certainly there are health concerns, for ourselves and for people we love. But there are serious challenges of economic loss (complicated by racial injustice and income inequality), housing instability, bigotry, effects on children, impact on vulnerable communities, availability of health care, worries for our society as a whole.

So I’d like to invite you to send us a short narrative or write a poem about what you’re dealing with right now.

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