Kiana Davis releases Unyielding Roots

Kiana Davis releases Unyielding Roots

Celebrate with us! Long-time Pongo Poetry Mentor, trainer, poet & award-winning educator, Kiana Davis (MS) has just released Unyielding Roots–an anthology of hair stories by Black women of all ages.

Join Kiana on Zoom for the book release party Saturday, November 20th from 1-3pm. Click here to register.

Unyielding Roots “strives to destigmatize centuries of programmed self-hate towards our hair textures by allowing us (Black women) to be the sole narrators of our stories”. Three such stories come in the form of poems by Pongo-You Grow Girl! poets from our Rise Above! Spring 2021 Pilot Project (click here to read one of their poems), along with a whole chapter dedicated to Pongo!

Other Pongo community members included in the collection include past Project Lead Amani Sawari and Georgia McDade

A hearty Pongo-congratulations to Kiana Davis for putting this fabulous collection together!

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