Letter to My Nephew

Letter to My Nephew

For 2021’s Valentine’s Day, Pongo wants to share this poem, which reminds us that even after enduring terrible hurts, even in their daily effort to make new lives for themselves in the fallout of core relationships, young people find the energy and heart to care for one another. 

Letter to My Nephew, Happy Birthday

by Kalah, submitted on Pongo’s website

I’m trying my best
I really am and I suppose that it’s not going to be good enough
I hate how disappointing I am to those around me
I wish I was better for everyone

I wish I could give you a hug and tell you
I am always going to be here for you, baby
I miss you guys so much, and I wish I could see you all
You guys were my little monsters
I loved you more than I loved myself

You turned another year today, Jr.
and I am so proud of you, Papas
You are so great and wholesome
You care a lot about how others are feeling

and you worry a lot about your family
No one at your age should have to be worried about anything
I know that things have been tough without me around
I just hope that one day you will understand why I am where I am

I really miss you and love you so much,
I hope you had a great day today, Jr.
Just know that your Tía loves you so much
and she can’t wait to see you again
and let’s hope that it’s soon, my papas


Your Tía

Much love to all Pongo Poets & Readers!

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