My Hair

My Hair

by Amori, age 13

In the middle of 4th grade, I decided to cut my hair.
My mom shaved it to half an inch.
I felt like people were going to make fun of me
and dislike me. I had friends back then
but they weren’t as nice as I thought they were.

I went to school with my hood on,
but my teacher made me take it off
because they said it was a sign of disrespect
and when I did, everybody started laughing.
I felt sad and the teacher didn’t even care
how I felt about my hair
and how I loved my hair when I was little.

After I got home from school, I ran into my room
and cried my eyes out. I wish I never cut my hair!
My mom came in and asked what was wrong.
I said that everybody was making fun of my hair
and didn’t like me and I didn’t like my hair
because my hair was a part of me.
My mom said that I was beautiful.

I struggled for a couple of years
because people were calling me bald
and saying I had cancer
and that no one would like me
and my hair wasn’t going to grow.

Now my hair has grown
and I can wear braids
and now I can accept my hair for what it is.
Now I know that my hair
was pretty all along.

Dedicated to my friends

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