My Motivation

My Motivation

by a young woman at CSTC

My motivation
is watching the cars on the highway,
imagining that one day,
I’ll be in one of them, on the way home.

We’re going to be planting an apple tree,
hoping that when I come home it will bloom.
It represents a new springing of life.
It’s like I’m starting a new life at home,
instead of at a treatment center.

I feel excited for a new welcoming
to the place that I always remembered
and the things that mean the most to me
like my pets and family.
The feeling is like a new wave overturning the old.
Like we’re moving on in a new life.

I want to be able to overturn the old
and express the feelings inside.
Instead of being a dead seed in the ground,
I want to be springing forward
and rising up like a giant oak tree in the sky.

Once I’m home, I definitely want
to give my dog the biggest belly rub ever.
I want to be able to feel peace on the couch,
cuddling with my cat,
and being wrapped in my mom’s arms.
I want to walk on the side of the lake with my dad
and watch the waves slowly rise
as the winds come through.

I want to feel welcomed in the community around me,
to walk through nature, to feel the winds again
and see the camp that always meant so much to me.
Most of all, I want to be with my family—
the one that hopes and cares most for me.
My excitement is for these two months
to be able to pass over,
and rise up like a new wave and ride home.

Dedicated to my family and camp

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