Myself: Revised Edition by Kalah (2020 Pongo Poetry Prize Winner)

Myself: Revised Edition by Kalah (2020 Pongo Poetry Prize Winner)


by Kalah, submitted on Pongo’s website

I am revising myself, an improved edition
The new version will say something about forgiving myself
for trying to change someone for the better
when all they wanted
was to ruin my hopes and dreams for the future

Chapter 1 would highlight the benefits of loving myself
I need to show kindness to myself
by telling myself that it is okay to love how I look or think
I need to mend myself by letting go of all the pain and trauma
from my unforgettable childhood
I’d call this chapter The Beginning of a New Chance

Chapter 2 would explore how my mistakes
have also been my teachers
I made a mistake when I trusted someone so deeply
that when they left, they exposed all my deepest secrets
But I learned that people will do anything
to see you fail and crumple
I’d titled this chapter Never Fear Change

In another chapter, I’d talk about
how I want to toss some things out of my life
Like the day that my mother struck me
first with a bat and then
with her fist, leaving a busted mouth full of blood
as I caught the city bus to get help
and never returned to her care and instead
was put into foster care
for the best
Definitely, the last section will describe my many aspirations
My aspirations are to become someone in life
so I can prove my mother wrong and show her
what she had lost when she decided to abuse me
My aspirations are the colors of baby blue and rose gold
And they look like a new beginning for my life as an adult
which is soon to come

Artist Statement

“When I first started writing on Pongo, I thought it was a way to release all of my stress and pain. However, I did not think it would catch the eyes of numerous people in the world. I love writing for Pongo, and I cannot wait to create so many more works with Pongo Teen Writing. Thank you for letting me be free to write my heart out. Remember that when times get tough, poetry can help you through it all.”

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