Processing Crisis through Poetry

Processing Crisis through Poetry

“Poetry can’t stop a bullet. Poetry won’t free a prisoner. And that’s why we need to do the political organizing work as well,” they say. “But if we can’t imagine a free liberated world in language, how can we build one?”
– George Abraham, Palestinian-American Poet

At Pongo, we are keenly aware of the transformative capacity of poetry. Poetry inspires self-reflection, helps us process our pain, and allows us to imagine a more just and equitable future before beginning the work of bringing it into being. Poetry also provides a powerful platform for self-expression and connection, building bridges and encouraging dialogue through creativity.

In the aftermath of Hamas’ October 7th attacks, and during Israel’s bombardment of Gaza, Palestinians, Israelis, and observers all over the world, have turned to poetry to process the escalating violence. Each of the poems included above grapple with the trauma of this ongoing catastrophe, describing the grief, fear, and loss associated with it.

We encourage you to reflect on these moving poems, which remind us of the human toll of this ongoing conflict in all of its heartbreaking detail.

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