Rose to Rosebush

Rose to Rosebush

by a young person at CFJC, age 17

A rose can grow up from under
a stampede of shoes made of all different sizes
so long as it’s will to survive is stronger
than it’s will to give in.
I know because it’s easy to give in and
harder to prove everyone wrong and keep going.

I have grown up from under dark clouds
like a lightning storm in the middle of a hurricane.
I have grown up from under stampedes of shoes
from people who didn’t believe in me
and wanted me to do things of their choice.
I have grown up from under truckloads of problems,
taking care of myself at a young age,
wondering if my family’s problems would become my own
like I was carrying the world on my shoulders.

If a rose lives its dream,
it can become more than just a rose.
It can become a rosebush.
Not just one rose – but a whole group,
like it finally belongs.
I can live my dream
of being better than what they expected—a rose
to a rosebush, if only
I had people to help me.

I wish a long life for the rose that is able to become a rosebush
despite its environment.
Like a desert becoming an oasis,
a seed becoming a tree, a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.
Like a rose becoming a rosebush,
finally finding out its purpose.

My long life will look like the sun coming up
after the last rain cloud to water the rosebush.

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