Sometimes, I Wonder

Sometimes, I Wonder

by a young person at CFJC

Sometimes I wonder, is trouble part of life
or is it just something you get into one day?
But I know this:
it’s just a fuckin’ part of life.

When I was young I used to wish
that I was a WWE professional wrestler like John Cena,
but as I got older
I started getting into trouble
and started into getting into
more serious stuff—
like smoking weed
and robbing people
and wrestling was no longer
my dream,
rapping was.
So I started making music,
committing crimes
and living a fucked up life.

I had a lot of brothers.
They would say I want you to do this and that
and I would rob people for them.

My brother told me to rob
this white guy down the street
and I did it for him
and it became a habit.
It wasn’t my idea,
it was part of life.

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