Where are the Stars?

Where are the Stars?

by a young woman at CSTC

Long car rides with stars filling our eyes,
my heart full of childish dreams.
No destination, just going to go.
Queen, Journey, ACDC & Backstreet Boys
playing loud,
loud like an infinite echo.

Out of nowhere, almost like a crash
it came to a stop.
The stars faded out of my eyes and I realized
that your eyes
had always been empty.

You made a promise and sealed it with “I love you.”
What happened to that promise?
What happened to ‘I love you’?

The words rang in my ears as I closed my eyes
hoping this wasn’t real.
Tears flooded down my cheeks
until I cried every tear I had.

Yelling, screaming, crying, pushing you away
as you sat there and stole from me.
You took my innocence, my heart, my love.
Everything I cared about seemed to be gone
as I cried for you to stop.
You didn’t listen.

Numb from pain.
How could this happen?
I realized it happened because I trusted you
when I got in the car.
It was all my fault.
In that car you stole my innocence
and left me broken,
and damaged
on the side of the road.

What happened to the stars in my eyes?

What happened to my childish dreams?

Dedicated to anyone who’s ever had the stars taken from their eyes

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