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Well-Versed: Pongo Poets Online
6,500 Youth Participated and Counting

Youth authors, Pongo Poetry Project wants to read your poems! Since 2012, we have received thousands of poetry submissions through Well-Versed: Pongo Poets Online – our online poetry submission program – from young writers across the world. Your work has been educational and inspirational and we want to see more of it.

We encourage you to use the writing activities on this website to share your poetry with us. You can complete the five writing activities right from your browser and share your completed poems with Pongo. Or you can use the Blank Activity Page to create something all your own. Alternatively, you can download the activities from our website and complete your poems at home; there’s no requirement that you submit completed pieces with us!

The Pongo Poetry Prize

Since April, 2010, the Pongo Poetry Project has been proud to present the Pongo Poetry Prize to a poem submitted on Pongo’s website . Currently offered in December, the prize winner will receive a $100 award. Three other poets a year will receive honorable mentions, which also come with publication. 

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