Pongo Poetry Prize

The Pongo Poetry Prize

Since April, 2010, the Pongo Poetry Project has been proud to present the Pongo Poetry Prize to a poem submitted on Pongo’s website. Though previously awarded in December, Pongo will now be announcing this award in the new year to ensure all of the previous year’s submissions receive their due consideration. 

The winner will receive a $100 prize and an opportunity to read their poetry at Pongo’s annual Speaking Volumes in September.

Want to see examples of honorees from previous years? Check out their poems below!

The Pongo Poetry Prize

2023 Pongo Poetry Prize


Honorable Mentions
Rice on a Rollercoaster
Where to from here?
What They Were Wearing

2022 Pongo Poetry Prize

Seventeen Forever

Honorable Mentions
Incomplete Puzzle
Swan Lake

2021 Pongo Poetry Prize

A Taste of Initimacy

Honorable Mention

 2020 Pongo Poetry Prize

Myself: Revised Edition
(a young person works on healing themselves after abuse and heartache)

Honorable Mentions
I Hate You Out of Love
Font Persona
I Just Thought You Should Know

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