Writing Activities

Well-Versed: Pongo Poets Online
6,800 Youth Participated and Counting

Well-Versed: Pongo Poets Online is our online poetry submission program. We encourage youth writers (up to age 25) to use the writing activities available on this website to write poetry, and if you’re willing to, share your poetry with us.

Write Poetry At Home

We understand if you prefer not to share your poetry with us. If you’d like to write poetry on your own, we encourage you to download any of the following writing activities:

Write & Share Poetry with Pongo: From Your Browser

You can complete the five writing activities below right from your browser and share your completed poems with Pongo. Or you can use the Blank Activity Page to create something all your own.

We will respond to each author with positive feedback. Plus, with your permission, your piece may be selected for republishing!


Due to the capacity of Pongo staff, we kindly request that you submit *no more than 3 poems for review* at any one time. And while Pongo staff are excited to read your poetry, we are not trained mental health professionals. Pongo is not able to provide clinical diagnoses or mental health treatment recommendations.

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Want to Continue Your Writing Journey? Take Advantage of These Opportunities!

Join a Youth Drop-In Writing Circle at Hugo House!

On a recurring basis, Hugo House convenes free, drop-in writing circles that give young writers of all ages the space to explore their creativity, dive deeper into ongoing projects, share their work in a supportive space, and make friends!

Writing circles are offered at different suggested grade ranges to connect young writers with their peers, though Hugo House encourages all young people to pick the writing circle that feels best for them:

  • Kids Write-In: Grades K-5
  • Just Write!: Grades 6-8
  • Write Time for Teens: Grades 9-12

We highly encourage you to take advantage of this amazing opportunity, and join Hugo House’s next youth drop-in writing circle. Some writing circles are available virtually, so visit Hugo House’s website for details on upcoming events!

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